Plating A Operator - Chrome (2nd Shift)

Plating A Operator 2nd Shift

Starting Wage:15. 64

2nd Shift recieves a $2. 00 per hour shift premium

Job Objective

Performs all phases of parts plating including required calculations, chemical additions or other adjustments consistent with established quality and appearance standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review work schedule to make sure of what jobs are to be started or completed.

  • Performs required calculations to determine time in solution, or additions to ensure conformance with standard of quality and appearance.

  • Monitors and/or performs the plating process and makes adjustments as required.

  • Checks completed work for quality and appearance and recommends modified procedures, which will help improve overall results.

  • Maintains work area in a cleared and orderly condition using 5-S principles to minimize safety hazards and lost-time accidents.

  • Keeps accurate job and time records.

  • Follows established safety procedures and policies at all times.

  • Performs other duties as apparent or assigned.

  • Maintains a good attendance record.

  • Provides information to maintenance to assist in diagnosing equipment problems.

  • Responsible to perform his or her job functions in a manner that supports TriMark's mission, vision and values in order for the company to attain its strategic and growth goals.

    Skills, Abilities, and Experience Required

    Skill to perform all phases of plating and related procedures such as calculations, additions, etc.

    Previous experience in plating.

    Ability to follow verbal and written instructions or special instructions related to the plating process.

    Ability to work cooperatively on a regular basis with other employees.

    Judgment Required

    To make all calculations required to amperages, time in solution, etc.

    To operate forklift and other machinery in a safe manner.

    To determine quality and appearance of completed work and make recommendations which will improve overall results.

    Working Conditions

    Must be available to work overtime and weekends as required to meet the company s business demands.

    Exposure to hazards of chemicals used in the plating process, fume build-up, and wet conditions. The temperature is normal for the season and noise levels are 80-90.

    Uniform safety practices consist of safety shoes, safety glasses, other devices such as gloves, aprons, and faceshields as required for operations. Eating and drinking is prohibited in this area. The plating area requires normal or corrected vision, normal depth perception and peripheral vision of 180 degrees, and no color deficiency. Hearing protection is not required but is available.

    Physical Effort

  • Bending -

    Knee level

    Stooping -

    5% of time

    Squatting -


    Twisting -

    90 degrees

    Turning -

    180 degrees

    Reaching -

    Full reach

    Lifting -

    50# or more

    Pushing/Pulling -


    Standing -

    75% or more

    Sitting -

    5% or less

    Walking -

    20% or less

    Climbing -

    2-3 steps

    Grasping -

    Moderate pressure

    Don't Be Fooled

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